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Kim Fairminer

Astrology Circle - Discover Your Moon

Date and Time

Sat 7th Jul, 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Illawarra Street
Illawarra St, Everton Park QLD 4053, Australia

Event description

The moon is one of the most sensitive points in your natal chart.

It speaks of your earliest childhood. It shows your instinctive responses. It reveals your soul.

What are your greatest needs? Are they being met?

Where do you go to nourish your soul? Does it help?

How do you experience emotion?

Understanding your natal Moon is the key to finding the answers to these questions.

The Moon is the planet of the embodied soul. She is changeable and teaches us how to ebb and flow with everyday life. 

Join the circle and discover how can you nurture and nourish your physical and emotional body.

This interactive, experiential astrology circle is part of a series to be offered in 2018 covering all the planets. You can come to one or come to all.

This isn't your typical astrology class with me talking about (awesome) PowerPoint slides. 

You'll definitely exercise the logical/intellectual side of your brain as you learn to interpret charts, but we'll also be drawing from the archetypal wisdom you already have within you. 

The first part of the class is a guided pathworking that explores the themes of the planet. You close your eyes and relax, listen to my voice, and let your imagination do the rest.

After some time to write and/or draw to record your pathworking experience, we have a little tea break and learn of the significance of the symbols in the pathworking. 

Then, the juicy bit! We look at everyone's birth charts. 

This is your opportunity to share parts of your own journey - both from the pathworking and the connections you make to your life - and see how it relates to your birth chart.

By the end of the class you will:
* better understand how the pieces of astrology work together,
* have begun to interpret charts, and 
* know and understand yourself better.

When: 1 pm, Saturday, 7 July 2018
Where: Everton Park (exact address provided upon payment)

Investment: Early bird $50; Sleepy bird $60
Plus a small booking fee that supports local change-making social housing philathropists, Project4Change.

* 3.5 hr class
* Light refreshments
* Printed copy of your birth chart
* Study notes

Please ensure you include your birth data (date, time, and location) when you buy your ticket, especially if this is your first circle with me. This information is used to create your birth chart.

Tickets aren’t refundable but they are transferable. If you buy a ticket and can’t use it, pass it onto a friend and let me know by text or email. You can also take a raincheck and use your ticket at the next astrology circle. Again, just let me know by text or email.

Kim is an astrologer and transpersonal counsellor. For decades, she's been fascinated by the recurring themes and symbols that are threaded through myth, dreams, and the stories we tell. The timeless wisdom offered by astrology is her favourite map for navigating the challenges and opportunities of modern living.


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