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Kim Fairminer

Discover Your Mercury – Astrology Circle

Date and Time

Sat 9th Jun, 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Dreamorpheus Transpersonal Therapy
Illawarra Street Everton Park QLD 4053

Event description

What stimulates your mind?

How do you make connections?

What’s your most effective communication style?

How do you organise and express your thoughts?

Understanding your natal Mercury is the key to finding the answers to these questions.

Mercury is the planet of thinking, learning, and communicating. Mercury is the principle of mental awareness. Mercury makes connections and moves information – within your mind, your nervous system, and between people.

Come and meet the planet behind the mayhem of Mercury retrograde. There’s much more to this trickster than meets the eye.

This interactive, experiential astrology circle is part of a series to be offered in 2018 covering all the planets. You can come to one or come to all.

This isn't your typical astrology class with me talking about (awesome) PowerPoint slides. 

You'll definitely exercise the logical/intellectual side of your brain as you learn to interpret charts, but we'll also be drawing from the archetypal wisdom you already have within you. 

The first part of the class is a guided pathworking that explores the themes of the planet. You close your eyes and relax, listen to my voice, and let your imagination do the rest.

After some time to write and/or draw to record your pathworking experience, we have a little tea break and learn of the significance of the symbols in the pathworking. 

Then, the juicy bit! We look at everyone's birth charts. 

This is your opportunity to share parts of your own journey - both from the pathworking and the connections you make to your life - and see how it relates to your birth chart.

By the end of the class you will:
* better understand how the pieces of astrology work together,
* have begun to interpret charts, and 
* know and understand yourself better.

Early Bird tickets $50 + booking fee, expires 11.55 pm, Friday 3 June.

Sleepy Bird tickets $60 + booking fee; ticket sales close 2.30pm, Friday 8 June.

Your booking fee directly supports Brisbane-based sustainable housing charity, Project4Change.

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